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Today Furtho is a single farm estate with company offices, but in the past it was a thriving village with its own rich history intertwined with Cosgrove's, dating back to the Conquest. Click here to see its own document page.

Cosgrove continued

Neighbouring villages

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Illustrated Talks by Wendy Page

Talks can fit or split to any length required.

Talks about named families are based in Cosgrove but are about people with national or County importance
and are good stories in their own right, evocative of the history of their time.

All talks explain how evidence was discovered and used to build stories. Contact:



The Cleley Hundred

Medieval clues to the legal system in South Northants – based in Furtho and villages nearby

Four Pence for a Polecat

18th Century Vermin Laws and Land Inclosures

The Power and the Glory

18th Century Cosgrove Characters – Rigbys, Longuevilles, Mansells, Biggins – just good tales

Secrets of the Poor Book

18th Century Village poor house stories from before the work house system – also includes the Militia system

Straight Down the Middle

19th Century – how the canal came to South Northants and cut a village in half

Remarkable Lives

19th Century Cosgrove Characters – Lowndes, Lynedoch, Moorsom, Dean Mansel, Bianchis, JJ Atkinson

Behind the Map

19th Century detailed study of Cosgrove as it changed from an agricultural to industrial community – maps and photos

When They Were Very Young

20th Century Education – how rural schools and their children developed to the 50s.

Heroes and Villains

20th Century Cosgrove Characters – Atkinsons, Hewson, Branson, local Historians, Cyclists, Holman

Into Living Memory

20th Century social development in a village – Health, water, rubbish, housing, war and the recovery